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Student Responsibilities/Code of Conduct

 Students are expected to:

  •  Treat adults, peers and Church property with respect and Christian charity.
  •  Always walk slowly and quietly; no running or yelling.
  •  Address others respectfully without the use of profanity or foul language.
  •  Refrain from using their electronic devises (all cell phones must be turned off during class).
  •  Attend classes each week on time, prepared and ready to learn.
  •  Read and complete any work that was missed due to an absence. (Homework will be assigned if the catechist feels it’s   necessary to reinforce lesson taught in class).
  •  Behave appropriately in the classroom, following the class rules and not cause disruptions.
  •  Attend class and Mass regularly.


Dress code

 Since we occasionally visit the church, students must dress in attire appropriate for such. Our efforts to teach children reverence for God and for each other include guiding them to present themselves appropriately. Clothing that’s too tight or revealing should not be worn and undergarments should never be showing. Articles of clothing depicting themes of drugs, alcohol, violence, profanity, etc. are forbidden.


Parents' Responsibilities

Parents are the primary educators of their children. Our program is intended to complement, not replace the catechesis children should receive at home. We look forward to working with you in partnership in order to assist you in bringing up your children in our Catholic Faith. Parents are responsible to:

  •  Read the Parent Handbook to be familiar with our program guidelines/rules/policies.
  •  Keep our office informed of any changes of address and/or phone information.
  •  Bring the children to every class, dropping and picking up on time.
  •  Provide us with a note explaining an absence when the child returns to class.
  •  Make sure their child comes to class prepared.
  •  Make sure the children complete all assigned work.
  •  Ask their child what they learned in class, encourage discussions and share your personal stories, values and traditions as it   pertains to what they’re learning in class.
  •  Be a good Christian role model and live by the teachings of Jesus Christ and set a good example for the children by being   involved in the parish community.
  •  Attend parent meetings.
  •  Read all notices sent home, either by mail or through their children.
  •  Pray with their children daily.
  •  Bring their child to Mass and celebrate the Sacraments together every week (as Catholics, we are obligated to attend Mass every week and on the Holy Days of Obligation).

    Attendance Policy

    Children are expected to attend all scheduled sessions punctually, with as few absences as possible. When a child returns to class after an absence, a note explaining the absence must be given to their catechist. Children are also required to complete any missed work due to absences. Please check with your child’s catechist to find out about missed work. 
    Students are permitted 4 absences without consequence; additional absences may result in children being dropped from the program.